The Birthday Massacre - Nothing And Nowhere

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The Birthday Massacre is an audio/visual project that has been in development since 1999. the sights and sounds of the birthday massacre branch into a wide range of creative themes and blend together a colorful palette of music genres and contrasting imagery. By combining imagery, sound, fashion, and performance, we aspire to create an experience for our audience that is both unique and multifaceted. through the use of creative media, we've developed a world inspired by emotion, memories, satire, horror, romance, fantasy, nostalgia, and tragedy; a world we hope to evolve and explore for a long time to come. The band formed in the year 1999, known at that time as Imagica. the group's founding members consisted of Chibi, Rainbow, Aslan, and Michael Falcore. Dank joined on live keyboards and they played their first show at diversity nightclub in London, Ontario, on Oct, 28, 2000. at this show they released 40 copies of a 7-song demo as well releasing the songs on their website. after this performance, OE joined the group on live percussion. In 2001, dank left Imagica, and the group relocated from London to Toronto, Ontario, and began recording. at this time, due to a conflicts with the name "Imagica", the band adopted the name "the birthday massacre". in July of 2002, the birthday massacre independently released a limited edition CD entitled "nothing and nowhere". as their audience in the city grew and popularity on the internet rose, the band's confidence onstage resulted in high-energy, entertaining performances. Adm and Rhim joined the band on live keyboards and drums, rounding out the lineup and adding more energy to the live show. the birthday massacre is at present an independent band, with growing international success, always anticipating the chance to interact with their audience and share their ideas and feelings through their music and performance. for a more complete history visit: - written April 1, 2003 (edited December 2011)